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Debt Issuance

                                                                   For issuers facing a               

                                                                   significant capital need that

                                                                   requires borrowing,

                                                                   Meristem Advisors will

                                                                   provide comprehensive transaction assistance.  We will help structure and execute a financing plan, structure debt repayment schedules, organize and manage the transaction team, obtain ratings for the bonds, and execute a bond issuance strategy that is tailored to the client’s needs. With over 25 years in the capital markets prior to establishing Meristem Advisors, Jamie Rachlin knows the industry’s participants and will build a financing team that is matched to the borrower’s needs.

Market Analysis
Capital Needs Planning

                                                                    An unexpected capital

                                                                    need can suddenly throw an

                                                                    entire budget out of whack.                                                                                HVAC upgrades, roof repairs, elevator obsolescence, interior renewals and other periodic needs can be planned, so governments shouldn’t wait for capital needs to pop up. Moreover, sometimescareful planning and budgeting can avoid the need to borrow. Meristem Advisors will work with your architect to turn projections of future capital needs or desired improvements into a budgeting plan that may be able to avoid or lessen the need for debt. 

Budgeting, Levying and Financial Projections

                                                                   Often, capital or operating

                                                                   needs can only be met

                                                                   through a referendum.

                                                                   Meristem Advisors will help governments evaluate their referendum requirements and options, and guide them in getting to the ballot. While we do not conduct focus groups or advocacy, we do serve as a clear voice during the referendum, explaining the financing plan and costs at community gatherings. Our ability to be a trustworthy advisor who can communicate clearly lends confidence to the board and community that the question has been thoroughly considered.


                                                                    Meristem Advisors can help with

                                                                    the all or any portion of the

                                                                    complete cycle of budgeting, levying and projecting financial performance.  Managing cash flow and projecting financial results can be daunting, while figuring the tax levy in Illinois can be very difficult, and is often further complicated by tax caps. You determine the scope of work, and we’ll help you figure it out. We can provide simple analysis or detailed interactive models to help you assess the long term impact of financial decisions.

Support Services: Continuing Disclosure, Budget and Debt Policies and More

Outside of borrowing or budgeting, governments face a number of related financial needs with which Meristem Advisors can help.  For example, most municipal borrowers agree to post financial information annually for the benefit of investors.  Meristem Advisors can assist with these annual filings and review the past compliance record. We can also assist with the development of debt and fund balance policies, and rating agency updates.

Collating Data
Independent Registered Municipal Advisor ("IRMA")

Governments may regularly receive financial proposals urging them to take an action that may, or may not, be in their best interest.  In our role as IRMA, Meristem Advisors has a fiduciary responsibility to our clients, reviewing and evaluating proposals from financial services companies who have a vested interest in making a sale. We’ll take the time with you to ensure you understand the pros and cons of proposals so that you can make an informed decision.

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