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Meristem Advisors was founded on the principle that clients want and deserve to have deeper conversations with their municipal advisors. Meristem provides traditional bond financing services, as well as project feasibility studies, bond and covenant default analyses, financial and capital project planning assistance, financial office operation and budgeting and revenue forecasting. The hallmark of Meristem Advisors is clear, understandable, and actionable communication with clients and their governing boards.

Meristem prides itself on a knack for financial analysis and debt structuring, and a particular passion for helping his clients achieve their financial goals. Meristem works with each of its clients to design strategies tailored to their individual circumstances, with a focus on clear communication and delivering clients the comprehensive range of services necessary to reduce the stress related to financial operations and borrowing. Meristem understands that clients’ needs can often be addressed with a variety of approaches, ranging from simple general obligation financings to complex revenue-backed structures, special service areas, and Tax Increment Financing Districts. We work with clients to identify the most appropriate approach for any given situation. 

Meristem Advisors is registered as a Municipal Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (“MSRB”). 

Why "Meristem" Advisors?
Every organization has potential for growth in new ways. Meristem Advisors helps its clients respond to financial challenges with better tools and decision making strategies that enhance organizational effectiveness. Similarly, the meristem is the stem cell tissue in a tree that allows it to generate leaves, roots, and branches. Mr. Rachlin, founder of Meristem Advisors, is an avid forager and tree enthusiast.
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