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Property Assessed Clean Energy

                                                                       Illinois recently implemented a

                                                                       Property Assessed Clean Energy                                                                           (PACE) program that enables 

                                                                       commercial developers to undertake energy efficiency improvements to their properties with the cost appearing as an assessment on their property taxes. While structuring such loans is complicated, the program gives developers access to a new source of cost-effective capital, potentially increasing the attractiveness and market value of their properties without direct leverage, while reducing their environmental footprint. Meristem Advisors can assist developers in understanding and taking advantage of this important program.

Tax Increment Financing

                                                                            Tax Increment Financing

                                                                            (TIF) has been an

                                                                            important tool for

                                                                            developers for some time, providing municipalities with a tool for improving the economics of marginal community investments. However, it isn't always clear what the value of  tax increment dollars may be, or how to capitalize them successfully. Meristem advisors can assist developers in understanding the value of tax incentives, and the strategies available to structure their TIF incentives.  This enables developers to make choices that fit their objectives and capital needs requirements.

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